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Pet Insurance for pre-existing conditions


Can I get pet insurance if my pet has a pre-existing condition?

The short answer is 'yes, even if your pet has pre-existing medical conditions, you can still take out pet insurance'.

The full answer is obviously more complex, but revolves around this: if you pet has displayed symptoms of a condition before you've taken out pet insurance, then you can still be covered for treatments that don't relate to the pre-existing condition.

We will still normally cover your pet with either of our Pet insurance plans, the only catch is that we cannot pay for the treatment of a condition that was pre-existing before you took out pet insurance. If your pet has a pre-existing condition exclusion after you have been insured for a continuous period of 18 months you can apply to have this exclusion waived. Also you will need to get your Vet to fill out the Pre-Existing Waiver Form from this website.

You never know when a condition of problem might arise with your pet's health, and as long as you take out your pet insurance policy before a problem occurs, you'll be protected from scary vet bills for life.

Even if your pet has a pre-existing medical condition, you should definitely take out pet insurance as early as you can because we'll cover them for accidents and illnesses that are non-related to their existing condition.

Certain breeds are more susceptible than others to becoming sick. If you have a breed that's prone to illness or genetic health problems, then you should definitely take out pet insurance before any problems arise with your pet's health. The cost of pet insurance is minimal compared with the cost of treating some illnesses or conditions.

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The fine print: There are some limits. We won't pay for your vet bills for conditions that were present before you took out a policy. To view the complete list of illnesses and treatments covered, as well as any exclusions that might apply, you must download and read the Product Disclosure Statement.

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